To all our creative community. We understand right now is a very difficult time for everyone, and specifically for all those artists/makers out there who have had exhibitions, market stalls, gigs, shows cancelled

We understand this is having a massive impact on your finances, your creative output and your mental state. We feel you and we want to help!We have teamed up with our friends at La Creme in Brookvale and we are brainstorming on how we can come up with ways to help during these difficult times. However, we firstly need to know where you are at and how this is affecting your practice/business.

So please HELP US HELP YOU by filling out a short form and sending it back to us as soon as possible. Share this from with as many artist/makers on the Northern Beaches you know, it will only take 5 minutes of your time. Fill in the questions and hit send! Together as a community we will get through this!

Cheers Kat + the Yaw waY team 


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